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    Unanswered: Ownership of database made in work-time

    Hello All,

    I'm fairly (read as 'clueless') green when it comes to databases, however for a number of years I have used one at work that was made by a fellow colleague bespoke to the workplace. Over the years it was developed, but recently it has become unsupported by the company and the colleague has changed roles, and we have now introduced a new way of recording information.

    That said I still need access to the information on the database and have been able to until today - when I found the password has gone wrong. I have asked the colleague to reset my password / put the records on our network drive but, as their move to another role was less than happy, I have concerns that they won't assist and the records will be lost forever.

    My main queries are: (although I seem to remember noone owns code) as the concept / information was developed largely during work time is the database owned by my company, are the records on the database owned by my company, and is there a way of nudging the colleague into resetting the password if they decline?

    Hopefully this makes sense - any advice would be brilliant - thanks

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    in the normal run of things
    something worked on in an organisations time, on their facilities is clearly owned by that company
    there can be a grey area if the work is done outside the organisations time and/or not on company facilities.

    your organisation should be able to demand that a (current) employee does nothing to stop the application being used. I guess it depends on why the application is no longer working. if the employee has maliciously changed the passwords then I guess your company would have good grounds to discipline the person. its a heck of a lot harder if the person is an ex employee.

    depending on how you feel I would be minded to notify your line manager of the changes and that the application and data is no longer available

    however rather than rais it as a formal escalation right now (you may need this person's co-operation) Id then make attempts to recover the data

    several ways
    one go back to the last known good backup, and use the correct password (note you may need to recover the MDB and or the workgroup file. first attempt would be the current data with the backed up workgroup file. if that files then restroe the backed up mdb AND the workgroup files

    create a new blank database, and import all objects from the locked out database (including forms, reports, code and so on)

    or attempt to open the data itself, thats assuming that the applciation has been split into a front end (containing the interface [forms, reports, queries]), and one containing the backend (the data, the tables).

    if the application is deployed as an MDE then then you have a real problem unless you have a backup of the file that created the MDE.
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    Everything else aside, the information is definitely the property of the company.
    Hope this helps!

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