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    Unanswered: Need Help with Export / Import


    Our project has QA and a PRD (production) database schema. Now, we want to replicate / clone the data in PRD to QA for some tables. My list of steps were to 1. Export the table to .ixf from PRD and 2. Import that .ixf file to QA.

    1. In Production I will run, Export to C:\temp\ BAS_ARTCL_UO_TEMP.ixf of ixf select * from BAS_ARTCL_UO where site_id = '7001' ;


    2. In QA I will run, Import from C:\temp\ BAS_ARTCL_UO_TEMP.ixf of ixf insert into BAS_ARTCL_UO ;

    Now my peers want it to have replace values. There are some values present already in QA which meets the PRD criteria. So, to avoid duplicates they want to over write the table using import statement. But I had read that to replace the contents of a table, we will need to first drop the foreign keys and run the import and recreate the foreign kets again. Is this how the cloning can be achieved? Is there a way easy than this? How to drop and recreate the foreign key? Pl help. Thank you.

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    What DB2 version and OS are you using?

    Can you elaborate on the question? What do you mean by "replace values"?


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