I have an employees form where I also 2 additional sub-forms on.On one of these sub-forms I have a description field that is limited by field length as to how much data you can see and herein lies the problem.I am open to suggestions as to how to accomplish what I want to do which is to add another memo field,which has to be on the main form employees because of room or else a popup form that links back to the sub-from some kind of way.The sub-forms name FEmpBonus and it has a field named Description on it already which is a memo field.I also added a field to my table named TEmpBonus named DescNotes.The form employees is based on a query named EmployeeInfo which has the table employees in it and also the table TEmpBonus in it and they are joined by employeeid as both tables have this filed in them so that all the records of employees and only those records from TEmpBonus are equal.How can I go about accomplishing this?