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    Angry Unanswered: Help! two forms that automatically display the value from textbox on form1 to form2

    Hi friends! Need your help...

    I have two forms, named frmStudents and frmSubjects, in frmStudents I have my combo box which I can choose StudentID, and I created command button which I named it OPEN, and when I click the OPEN, the frmSubjects pop-ups, so here's the problem, when I choose 201 in my combo box, and I click the OPEN and the frmSubjects shows up, it should be automatically displays the 201 on one of the textbox in frmSubjects...

    Please see the image below:

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    so place some code behind the combo box to do that for you
    consider making frmSubjects a child form to frmStudents, with the link field being StudentID
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