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    Unanswered: Import over 255 to Access 2010

    Ive been on the internet now for a couple hours with no success.

    Im using MS Office 2010

    I have a excel spread sheet with around 18,000 rows, and 16,475 columns
    The 16,475 columns always are the same. So what Im trying to find is if there is a way I can import this spread sheet into access. Understanding that access has a 255 limitation.

    Im wondering if there is a way I can have access go out to the spread sheet and grab column A, B , C, D, Z, AE, AZ, etc.,<-as a example

    Then go back and grab more columns until I have all the columns in different access table from columns that were in excel

    I appreciate any help

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    You can use Automation to create an instance of Excel into your Access database, then use it to open the Excel workbook and read the data it contains in any way you want:
        Dim appXL As Excel.Application
        Set appXL = New Excel.Application
        With appXL
            .Workbooks.Open FileName:=DocName
            ' Read the contents of the Excel file.
        End With
        Set appXL = Nothing
    Have a nice day!

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