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    Unanswered: csv/excel over 255 fields need to import to access

    Thanks for your help:

    I receive a “Data Dump” that comes to me in a csv file.

    Once I open and save it in excel there are about 18,000 records.

    The header row has 340 columns.

    This will be a weekly process, I’d like to automate
    Needing to import the excel table into access.

    Now what I’m hoping we can do .


    Does anyone have code that will reach out from access to my excel file and import just certain columns maybe with a TransferSpreadsheet?

    Is there a way I can save my csv or excel file as a ODBC, then do a pass-through query to retrieve the columns I need.

    You’re thoughts please.

    Thanks again everyone

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    This option may not be the best solution, but I used it to capture data from Excel to Access for a monthly report. I always used the same Excel workbook and linked it as a table in Access, then ran a make-table query to get what I wanted from the data.

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