OK, New one! i have found every single postcode in the UK, for free!! so chuffed, but now im stuck.

ok, so i have a folder, packed with excel spreadsheets, and each spreadsheet represents a reigon of postcodes


SE = South East London
S = South London
W = West London
BR = Bromley
DA = Dartford
SW = South West London

the problem i have, is.. each spreadsheet contains roughly 25000 records, and i need to use all of them in my access database, whats the best way to use these spreadsheets? and combine all the data into one table?

what im going to do, unless you can think of a better way, is:

the main 2 peices of data ill be using out of them spreadsheets will be Postcodes, and District Codes, and when ive got all of it in one table, i plan to use the find and replace function to replace the district code, with the name of the district itself, EG:

E200000011 = Greenwich

Then Using my Form, and the same previous code in my database, the postcode field will automatically update the borough field after its been updated..

any more info needed just post back please