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    Unanswered: connecting mysql database in eclipse using jdbc


    i am trying to connect my GUI (java applet) to mysql database to enable users to retrieve queries from the GUI...

    inorder to establish connection between the GUI and mysql

    i have downloaded....

    eclipse version helios service release 2
    mysql server 5.1
    connector/J (used to connect mysql via jdbc driver)

    i have installed and configured the jdbc driver and manage to connect to the succeeded

    but the problem is i can see the schema but i cant see the tables in the database...

    does anyone knows what is the problem and how to solve it...
    your help is highly appreciated..

    best regards

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    Its sounds like you are not specifying a database in your connection properties for example:

    conn =
    DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/yourdatabasename" +
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    yes i did specify the mentioned details but i still have the same problem

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