Hi! I'm looking for some help with querying date ranges.

I have a list of operators approved to do contract work. As they are booked to do work, the start & end dates are recorded in a table along with the WO number. As operators are needed for new work, a user will use a form to enter txt_StartDate & txt_EndDate. How can I use this date input, along with the data below (example of table) to select who should be contacted for the new work? Must be lowest rate operator available.

Examples: txt_StartDate=12/2/11 8am; txt_EndDate=12/2/11 3pm. Next available operator should be #2. txt_StartDate=12/4/11 12pm; txt_EndDate=12/4/11 5pm. Next available operator should be #1.

Oper_ID WO ID Job_StartDate Job_EndDate Oper_rate
1 1234 12/1/11 8am 12/2/11 4pm 25
1 2222 12/5/11 8am 12/5/11 5pm 25
2 7642 12/3/11 12pm 12/3/11 2pm 30
3 ---- ------------- ------------ 35
4 ---- ------------- ------------ 37

I've tried to use a query, but haven't been able to get the date range criteria correct.

Thanks in advance!