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    Unanswered: How to use another font in query

    Hello, geeks

    I have made a database. And three tables db_ka, db_kha, and db_ga. Each tables have names stored in NEPALI LANGUAGE. I want SQL query which can give output of the name starting with "ka". HERE, "ka" is not in ENGLISH, it is stored in NEPALI language, hence, another font, [Preeti Font].

    Hoping for geeks answer

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    Im not to sure that you want a different font
    what you need is to make certain that you are using the correct code pages / encoding method. as you don't say what database you are using its going to make it tough to give an answer.

    bear in mind that there's quite a lot of scope for problems here

    the operating system, database and application software all have to use the correct code page
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    I want to use sql server 2008 and it is one of my project to build a database for my last semester.

    please, assist me if i can use anyother database for my purpose

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