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    Unanswered: Data sets

    I have created access database for laboratory sample evidence and now I would like to use it to collect analysis results. The information about sample is stored in one table (sampleid, samplename, date, ....)

    One of the possibilities is to create another table, only for the results, and create one-to-many relationship between the tables (one sample can be analyzed for more different parameters) but for each sample multiple parameters should be entered manually or from drop down-list. However, I would like to create predefined sets of parameters and used them for the specific samples. For example, for the sample 1 I’ll use set 4, for the sample 2 set 1, for the sample 4 set 1, ...

    Do you have any ideas how can I do this?


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    I don't really see what your asking here. You gave a problem, then gave a solution... It reads like a monologue.

    As for the predefined info, I'd create a new table with fields like (set #, parameter 1, parameter 2, etc). Then you'd populate a drop down list with the contents of 'set #', then when 'set 3' (for example) is selected from the dropdown box, the other fields are populated automatically, depending on what 'parameter 1', 'parameter 2', etc, are set to for 'set 3'... If that makes sense?

    Everything sounds fine though, and is the way I'd approach this myself.
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