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    Unanswered: Minor Problem concerning Layout of my Main Table

    ok, new one for you,

    i have my StockTrackerTBL, FurnitureTBL ETC

    the FurnitureTBL when you open it, the table layout shows crosstabs on the first column, and when you click that crosstab, it shows the StocktrackerTBL inside it, so for example, you click a crosstab next to Armchair, then StocktrackerTBL comes up inside it, effectively showing you how many Armchairs are in the StockcontrolTBL..

    what i want to do, and i can't figure it out, (i know its something to do with relationships) is, when you open up the StockTrackerTBl, i want a Crosstab showing what items are under that one Numbernote Field

    so for example, a collection number 65432 for the Field "Number note" and under that Number, 32 Items were donated, armchairs cabinets, ETC, i want a crosstab next to number note that shows me what items were donated under that number, so that you don't end up with 32 records with the same Numbernote..

    i hope i was elaborate enough but couldn't think of a way to explain it better than i have, if you need more info ask n i try ma best..

    thanks again

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    You can achieve what you're trying, it would just involve employing another table... However, I'm not convinced this is what you really want to achieve.

    I would've thought, that in this case, your stockTrackerTBL needs a reference to every item you have in stock... Not a reference to a collection number, that links to a table with all the products contained on that collection.

    All that will happen if you get your desired setup, is you'd move all the individual products in your stockTrackerTBL to another, just leaving the 'furniture type' (first relationship) and 'number note' (second [new] relationship). Then your third [new] table would contain all the product info, and their 'number note'.

    I can't see any benefit to this, as your tables will still be basically the same, it will just contain another relationship, and another table. Which, in turn means dealing with three-way joins, and more headaches.

    Another point is, you shouldn't be manually accessing the tables anyway. You (and any users) should really be using forms to manipulate and access data. Forms allow you to do everything you can do in a table manually, as well as prevent unwanted input, handle errors and display various bits of data, from elsewhere in your database, instantly.

    Either way, the process I described above will give you the results you wish for, I just don't see any benefit from doing this... In fact, I see more harm, but its your DB.
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