I am new bie.
I have a test system in which the profiler traces are running and I have access to it.
I have a development system with SQL server 2000(a clonning of the production system and I can login remotely from my computer). I have to replay the traces in the 2000 server, run the perfmon and have to generate a report and setup a baseline for comparison.
1) I have the trace files running in the test system but that test system is just to store data and I have access to the trace files there and I don't have them running in the the SQL server 2000.
Is it possible to replay those traces in the 2000 box to which I am remotely connected ?
2) There are lot of issues with deadlocks and stored procedures.
What are all the considerations to check the baseline while running the replay ?
If I could get a step by step procedure, it would be of great help.
Thanks in advance.