First off, thanks for looking at this and hopefully you can get to the end of this without getting too confused.

We currently have BMC Remedy 7.5, with the associated Analytics product, which is in fact a Business Objects 12.1.0 install over the top of a MS SQL database.

What I am trying to do is get a report out for Remedy tickets that have been touched by a particular process.

The High Level design of the database is as follows.

Ticket Table
--> Worklog table

This is a one to many relationship as the entries in the worklog table are seperate rows, keyed to the ticket number.

So the BO universe that I am using has been supplied by BMC and has this relationship, but I am trying to build a report that tells me if a ticket has a particular entry in it's worklog table.

That's the easy bit, trying to work out if a ticket hasn't been touched by this process is.

An example of my issue is as follows.. This is a simple example of the join.

Ticket No Worklog
1 Touched by process
1 Manual Update

So using a Dimension in the Report, I can see if this has been touched or not but the following.

If Match (Worklog;"Touched by Process") THEN 1 ELSE 0

Thus I can get a count of the touched ones.. I cannot just use

If Match (Worklog;"Touched by Process") THEN "Touched" ELSE "Untouched"

As I would get the following.

Ticket No Worklog Dimension
1 Touched by process Touched
1 Manual Update Untouched

and a cross tab (pivot table) using this Dimension would show a count for each type (Touched/Untouched) as each row would give an output.

If I use the count method, at least I can get the totals manually into the Cross Tab.

Touched 1
Untouched 0 (Where this is total unique tickets - Touched Sum).

I have attempted to use the logic to have two reports and exclude the touched tickets from the All ticket report, but this times out and I don't think I can use this.

This means that I cannot plug this into a Pie Chart in BO as it only seems to take a one variable input to do it's Pivot on.

Can someone tell me how to exclude the Touched tickets from the Untouched tickets or how to create a graph in BO using a manually create Cross Tab table?

Thanks and well done for getting to the end of that.