Hi all,

Just been given my first project to complete and I know I am far in above my head, but that is part of learning I suppose!! I have uploaded the tables design and relationships at the address below, if anyone has the time to take a look. After reading and trolling through the many great answers here, I have come to the best design I can. Think or should I say hopeful, I am in the right direction but I am aware there are many mistakes and fields and tables not fully normalised. I also think that my referential integrity may be a bit over complicated when I come to design the forms and reports, but one step at a time.

The database outline is:

A college applies for funding via various external funding web sites. The college requirements are to keep track of.

A sample specification given below:

Company and web site of external funding sourceDate of the funding lead
The person within the college who is responsible for the lead.
The Centre and Facility the funding will benefit, i.e. Business (Being Centre) and IT and Computing, being a facility with the Business Centre.
The status or current progression of the lead, i.e. submitted to where and whom and if it is awaiting a response etc.
The type of country origin for the revenue generated from the lead, i.e. UK, European, or UK & European.
The Target Group i.e. 14- 16, 16 18 year groups.
The minimum and maximum revenues available s
The amount applied for by the college
Funding Feedback from awarding company
If successful or not

The above is a sample of the table and fields but the attempted database has been uploaded to the following address.

Many thanks for everyone for taking the time to read the above and ANY and all suggestions/ideas welcome.

Deborah (UK)

Database Download address: Format Access 2010, compression (zipped)