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    Question Unanswered: Sybase ASE ODBC in Windows 7


    I'm a ASP .Net developer and I have this application that queries from a Sybase 12 database in a database server.
    Previously, I had Sybase 12 Open Client in my Win XP machine and I had the Sybase ASE ODBC Driver listed in the ODBC Data Source Admin screen.
    My connection string is something like this: "Driver={SYBASE ASE ODBC Driver};Database=mydb;NA=something;uid=something.. ."

    However, a few weeks ago, our machines were upgraded to Win7.
    I found out that I have Sybsae 15 Open client in my machine now and I can't find the Sybase ASE ODBC Driver in the ODBC Data Source Admin screen, so it must not be installed.
    When I asked the people here responsible for the Win7 upgrade, they said that the Sybase 12 driver is no longger compatible with Win7.

    How am I supposed to continue working on the application I'm developing? Is there a Sybase ASE ODBC Driver for Win7 that I need installed? I just need something that will allow my code to connect to the same Sybase 12 database as it had been doing before.

    In the ODBC Data Source Admin page, I can also see an Adaptive Server Enterprise driver (version 15), but when I tried this in the connection string, I encounter errors when calling stored procs, so I think maybe that's not the way to go. (Besides, I also had this driver in WinXP and we never used it)

    Please help
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    Same problem, I think.

    I don't have the solution -- I think I have the same problem and I was curious if anyone has found a solution.

    I used to have Windows XP, and I used the Sybase ASE drivers to make ODBC connections (linked tables) to various sybase databases.

    Then I was upgraded to Windows 7. Initially, my existing links to sybase worked and I was able to run existing reports. However, I found that I was not able to create new links to sybase databases. Then my IT support installed a patch for me, which I assume was from Sybase.

    Now, I am able to create new odbc links to sybase tables, but I am unable to run existing queries that use existing links to sybase tables.

    The patch that was applied was EBF15495. As mentioned, this fixed one problem, but created another problem.
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