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    Unanswered: How to insert contents into BLOB without using SQl???


    Can anyone resolve my issue on inserting the data into BLOB column using scripts alone rather than using SQL query??? Is tat possible???

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    I don't understand the question
    you can only insert in a db/table/col data by use of sql
    the sql can be in a flat file and executed with db2 -tvf command
    or with script invoking db2 ".............."
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    A BLOB is a value in a database. So the only way to get such values into the database or to retrieve them from there is through the means provided by the database system. That means: SQL.

    What you could probably do is to store the data in a file in the file system and only the path in the database. Then you can access the data directly and bypass the database system. But in this case you'd probably use a VARCHAR and not a BLOB to store the path to the file.
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    You can use import command with modified by lobsinfile option to insert file into lob col...

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