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    Unanswered: Row source linked to unit price

    Hello all,
    I'm fairly new to access database, and I'm currently wanting to know how to display the price of a product automatically once selected from a row source.

    I have created a new table with the following

    Field Name = Product
    Data type = Text
    then clicked Lookup Wizard and created the following 5 fields

    "Full";"1/2 Horizontal";"1/2 Vertical";"1/4";"1/8"

    Once I have created a form how do I show the values of each field expressed as

    thanks for your hellp in advance.

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    After dropdown bind with rowsource product and unit price,
    the price can be taken like

    unit Price= [DropdownName].Column(2, [DropdownName].OnChange)

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    Excellent thanks

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