MS Access 2007:

I am trying to pull a query together from a single table that will tell me how many of X did we have per month. I can then derive through a pivot table Amount of request types per quarter / per year etc.

I have a single table, I have a text Field Called "Request Type" that contains text values from a look up list so the values are stable, such as Gravel, Vehicles, Fencing etc. I have a second field Date Requested field (Short Date) that the request was submitted on. (Defaults to Now() upon new record entry)

The goal is to create a summary type query that is a foundation for a Crosstab, with the attributes of a total's query and display it in a Pivot Table. so we can see....Request Type Categorized into "Gravel", and the number of occurrences per month (say 15 as a result for June) and total cost (From Cost Estimate Field). From their everything else can be summarized into higher brackets. I am just stuck on counting the number of instances of the Request Type (Text Field)

I have tried every which way that I know how to count / group the Request Type field but am as usual, failing miserably. Can this be done from the Design window in MS Access 2007 based on Criteria?

Thanks in advance.