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    Unanswered: Corresponding types must be compatible in CASE expression


    I am very new to Informix and am looking for some advice

    Can I ever get in case expression a different data type to be displayed in the field

    I.e. clmov_loctype is a char field and clmov_movedate is a DATE field

    Is there any way I can get the following expression to work, and pick up a date field instead of a char, as at the moment the conflicting data types errors as:
    "Corresponding types must be compatible in CASE expression"

    SELECT clmov_movedate,clmov_loctype,
    CASE WHEN clmov_loctype IS NULL THEN clmov_movedate ELSE "BOOKED OUT" END type
    FROM clinrec_movements

    Any ideas?


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    Cast the datetime to char datatype.
    The datatypes must match, because the client must know what datatype to expect and this can't be changed on a row by row basis...
    to_char() could be used for your needs.

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