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    Unanswered: Tracking Electricity Consumption

    I am trying to build a database that tracks 5 customers. The table has the following fields:
    1. User
    2. Month
    3. Meter Read

    How can I calculate the consumption between reads for each customer? I was able to do it with only one customer using:

    Consumption: IIf([tblelectric.reading]=0,0,nz([tblelectric].[reading]-[qryElectricPrepUsage].[reading],0))

    Any ideas?

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    Couple of ideas for you. You can place that code directly into a query column, at the very top something to the effect of Consumption: [code]

    Secondly you can place that code as the control of a text box in a report. Assuming you have the correct information in your queries it should populate it for every record you have in the report.

    Hope that helps!

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