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    Unanswered: how to solve this problem ?

    Conversion failed when converting datetime from character string.
    i m getting this error while inserting values in the DB from my application
    i have done insertion before too , but i never receive this strange error but when
    i insert the same thing manually then i didn't get this error
    how to solve this error
    the format i used is also yyyy-mm-dd
    then how to solve this error?????????

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    I have stopped relying on good faith in MSSQL to do string to DATE conversions. Do an explicit CONVERT
    SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME, '2011-12-31', 120)
    If it has always worked until now, your application may have fed it some flawed data. Check if the format is really YYYY-MM-DD. Print the string you pass to MSSQL (log file, screen, ...), to be 100% sure.
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