Hi there,

Not sure if the excel or sybase forums is best for this one..

I am using MS Query in Excel to pull some data from our telephony system (Symposium/CC6).

This uses a Sybase DSN which is setup on my system.

I can pull data fine and specify a date in the actual query itself, I am using a criteria as below.

Between #08/12/2011# And #09/12/2011#

The problem comes if i try to turn this into a parameter value and link this to a cell in Excel.

I have tried..

Between [Date1] And [Date2]

This doesn't work when i type in a date most date formats (dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy etc) give a syntax error and the only format that doesn't give that error type is..


This gives a different error...

[DataDitrect][ODBC Sybase Wire Protocol driver]Inconsistent descriptor information

I've had a look round the net but have had no luck finding a solution, any help would be appreciated.

I've tried playing a little with the date format based on a couple of things i've read but had no luck so far. I've tried..

  • "#"+[Date1]+"#"
  • "{"+[Date]+"}"
  • [Date1]+" 00:00"

Thanks Steve