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    Unanswered: Generating custom email forms for missing data

    I have a rather complex idea (I think) that I am working on and am looking for some input to help get started.

    I would like to create the following scenario

    I would like to run a query based on some limiting criteria such as who entered the data, the date entered, and status. This I can manage.

    Then I want to identify each record with missing data. The missing data is not uniform. One record may be missing variable 1,2, and 3 while another record may be missing variable 2 and 4.

    Next, for each record I want to generate an email and send it to the person who entered the data. However, I only want to send one record in an email and only include the empty fields. This would reoccur for each record with a missing field to generate a single email for each record with missing data while not sending an email for any complete records.

    My goal is to have simplified process for other users to focus on updating missing data. I would appreciate any suggestions regarding setting this up, better ideas, etc.


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    Shouldn't be too difficult. Basically in VBA code you'd open a recordset on the query and loop through the records. For each record build a string containing the missing fields in your desired format. Depending on your setup, that might be accomplished with a loop or simply testing each field in turn. Once your string is built, you'd include it in your email. You'd either exclude complete records in the query itself, or not send an email if no fields were missing.

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    And once that's done, revisit your database design to force use to fill in mandatory fields.

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