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    Database design for Web job management system

    I would very much appreciate anyone solving this, or pointing me in the right direction.

    Please see attachment for current database design, the scenario is that:
    • each time a person logs in, the entire contents of the jobs table will be displayed
    • once a job is completed, it is moved to jobs_archive and relevant information is copied to commercials
    • there exists more commercials than jobs and jobs_archive combined since those are the expanded bits of the current databse

    My question is whether I should merge jobs and jobs_archive and add a field stating whether the job is active or complete OR should I just leave as is.

    The main reason for this design is because active jobs will be accessed all the time, so having the completed jobs in a separate table removes any stress from filtering out active jobs. Though I keep thinking it is poor design.

    Any other critique is welcome.
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