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    Question Unanswered: Applying code to only 1 record, not entire db.

    Hi, Newbie here.

    I am trying to use code to make a row/record turn bold when a check box is checked. The code goes something like this:
    Private Sub Resolved_Click()

    If Resolved.Value = True Then
    Date_Drawn.FontBold = True

    Date_Drawn.FontBold = False

    End If

    If Resolved.Value = True Then
    Slip_No.FontBold = True

    Slip_No.FontBold = False

    End If

    If Resolved.Value = True Then
    Last_Name.FontBold = True

    Last_Name.FontBold = False

    End If

    ...(for several more)

    It works wonderfully. The problem now, is that when the first checkbox is checked, the bold applies to all of the records in the form instead of just the one it was intended for. I would like to find a way to have the code apply only to the record that includes that particular checkbox.


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    please don't double post
    if you are not gettign a response from your original post, and think it may have been misposted or benefit from moving then bump the post and request it be moved
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    Can anyone help with this question as I am also having same sort of problem.

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