I'm working for a software development company, and most of their work is designing Access DB's. So my day is spent learning Access/VBA. I want to learn C# so at night I've been putting in some hours, and coming along quite nicely. However my Access training at work has slowed, I'm just doing repetitive debugging and combing through code for small edits. I want to learn more about Access, if only for understanding database fundamentals. I'm wondering if at night I can do an hour of Access training, then an hour of C#. I mean I know a lot of this is personal, without knowing me it's hard to make that call. I'm just talking generally, is that a good idea? Can I shift gears that rapidly and retain what I'm learning? Or should I go, 2 hours Access one night, then 2 hours C# the next? Or really not try and squeeze more Access in at all? I dunno, simply looking for some advice.