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    Red face Unanswered: Is this memory error?

    I have Informix DB installed in my Windows machine. When I issuing a command using "onstat -m", I got the following error. Do you guys have any idea what does it mean?

    Here is the output
    shared memory not initialized for INFORMIXSERVER 'ol_ids_1150_1'

    Message Log File: C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\IBMINF~1\11.50\ol_ids_1150_1.log
    Thread(7, main_loop(), 0, 1)
    File: rspartn.c Line: 9431
    15:08:29 Results: Chunk 1 is being taken OFFLINE.
    15:08:29 Action: For all spaces other than temporary dbspaces, restore the space containing the chunk from the archive. If this chunk belongs to a temporary dbspace and if it is not the only chunk in that dbspace, then drop and re-create the chunk. Otherwise drop and re-create the temporary dbspace.
    15:08:30 stack trace for pid 2388 written to C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\IBMINF~1\11.50\tmp
    15:08:40 See Also: C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\IBMINF~1\11.50\tmp\af.3ef056c
    15:08:43 Releasing server from system block
    15:08:49 chunk failed sanity check

    15:08:51 chunk failed sanity check

    15:08:51 I/O error, Primary Chunk 'C:\IFMXDATA\ol_ids_1150_1\rootdbs_dat.000' -
    - Offline (sanity)
    15:08:51 oninit: Fatal error in shared memory initialization

    15:08:51 IBM Informix Dynamic Server Stopped.

    Output End

    THanks @!

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    That's not a memory error... It's an I/O error. Your primary chunk for rootdbs could not be accessed... Check permissions, file integrity, paths...

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