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    Unanswered: Differentiating between two Schemas

    Is there anyway to differentiate between two schemas between two SQL server instances?

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    Would depend on what you mean by "differentiating." While I haven't tried this with two instances on the same server, I've often created linked servers across two different servers so I can reference them with the linked server syntax. For instance - to find records in a prod table that don't exist in a dev table:

    select       *
    from         [SERVER1].[DBNAME].[SCHEMA].[OBJECTNAME] x left outer join 
                 [SERVER2].[DBNAME].[SCHEMA].[OBJECTNAME]y on
    where is null
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    Kit Lemmonds

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    If you are looking for differences in schema definitions, I'd use a third party tool. The Red Gate SQLCompare is what I've used with good results. It will generate the scripting needed to sync the schemas, too.

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