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    Unanswered: Compare Tool

    I am working on a project, MySQL, whereas the developers will deliver a script every (2) weeks, which sometimes will run! That's not the issue I also have a DB schema compare tool which generates scripts that I use 'just to be sure' that everything has been documented.

    Of course I find a few items each time but now as these lists are getting longer I am trying to find some type of tool to compare these files.

    For example in file1 I may have
    change column1 int(11) on line 5 of the txt file

    and in file2 I may have
    change column1 int(11) on line 128 of the txt file

    again as these files are growing in size it's terrible to find everything and wanted a text compare tool that will search file1 for line1 in file2, etc. There are quite a few tools that compare and show delta but not like this.

    Probably not the best place to put this but thought someone may of had this before.


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    if you have a text compare tool (e.g. IDM Computer Solutions makes a good one), then you can mysqldump your table definitions and text compare them that way | @rudydotca
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