I am not new to Access but I am still fairly new when it comes to code.
I am using Access 2007 and here is what I am trying to do

My Main form displays customer data, ID, Name and Comments. I have two subforms, invoices and invoice detail.

When you select the invoice in the subform it displays the days late in a box on the main form. I want to filter the subform to show only late invoices in the subform using a command button and a then a button to show all invoices.

Each Invoice selected in the invoice subform shows details in the invoice detail subform such as, terms, message, escalate invoice, called back, employee initials...

I would like to be able to type a message on one invoice detail and then insert the same message into other invoices by using a check box to select the invoices and a command button to run it

I am having difficulty wrapping my mind around this and any help would be greatly appreciated.