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    Unanswered: Quick MySQL Question :)

    Hey guys,

    I'm getting this error :

    Operand should contain 1 column(s)

    From this Query :

    SELECT(RequestID, ModCode, Request.RoomID, Priority, AllWeek, Day, StartTime, Length)
    FROM Request, Rooms
    WHERE Day = '1'
    AND ModCode = '1'
    AND StartTime = '1'
    AND Length = '1'

    That MySQL is generated by PHP and then being sent if that makes any difference.

    Thanks for your help


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    Quote Originally Posted by lecsiy View Post
    That MySQL is generated by PHP ...
    then you need to fix the code that produces the query, because those parentheses around the columns in the SELECT clause is wrong, wrong, wrong

    you're also going to have fun with your join condition missing | @rudydotca
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    only text / string literals shold be qualified by the ', not numeric values.
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