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    Question Unanswered: Subform displaying the Key field

    Okay, I have a subform that displays many different things. In my coding I switch it around from displaying the rows in the foriegn key table that match with the displayed row of the primary to displaying query results. Ive sorted all that out and its working properly except for one thing.

    I remember when I created the form it autocreated the subform for my linked table and it gave me an option not to display the key feild linking these two tables. I clicked yes because thats what I wanted at the time.

    Now whenever I want to display a query that has the field that links the wo tables of the form in it, that field does not display. Even after I clear the linkmaster/child field properties.

    For some reason the ability to turn this on/off is not a property or if it is I haven't seen it. I've tried creating another subform but I did not get that same option.

    Is there any way to make he subform display the key field?

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    create a control on the subform
    assign its value to the relevant source (could be to the parent forms value, of the sub form value.. doens't matter assuming you are using that cvalue as the link.
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    One of my queies displays every value in the second table inner joined with its info from the main table in this case the linked field will have 723 seperate values with duplicates. Would your solution still work considering that?

    And I'm new to access but from what I can see I can't add controlls to my subform it only displays rows and columns of queries and tables.

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