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    Unanswered: Field Data format problem

    Hi all,

    I have a frustrating issue I cannot work out. I am using Crystal Reports to develop reports from an excel spreadsheet.

    The issue I am experiencing is that whilst specific columns are formatted as Number fields in excel, they come across as string fields in Crystal. The frustraing part is that occasionally when making a new connection to the spreadsheet the fields will come accross successfuly as number fields. However, they seem to be reverting upon a subsequent opening of the CR file holding the report.

    I am also getting a mapping box appearing when I refresh the data. If I attempt to map the fields correctly they all revert to string fields.

    If anyone could shed some light on this for me it would be appreciated, unfortunately I cannot post the file as it holds sensitive info
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    I have solved this issue.

    As it turns out Crystal determines the field type based on the first cell in each column, I don't think it even looks at how they have been assigned in excel. In this case the first cell is blank, despite it being a number field. I guess Crystal interprets that null value as a string.

    I put 1's in the two troublesome columns and the file no longer asks for re-mapping and the fields remain as numbers after a refresh of the report. Luckily we do not report all the way back to the first row in the spreadsheet so the fake data won't be an issue.

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    Good that you solved the issue.

    Thanks for the knowledge sharing

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