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    help needed with these questions

    1. A distance education university wants to develop a system for its enrolment process. Its enrolment process works as follows:
    Students send in an application form containing their personal details, and their desired course.
    The university checks that the course is available and that the student has necessary academic qualifications.
    If the course is available the student is enrolled in the course, and the university confirms the enrolment by sending a confirmation letter to the student. If the course is unavailable the student is sent a rejection letter.
    Draw the: -
    i. Context Diagram. (6mks)
    ii. Level 0 diagram showing the process enrolment for the distance Education University

    2.The Housing department office at N. Mandela Metropolitan University, manages students (residents) details occupying apartments on campus. Residents are asked to enter a user name and password to log in to the database. The residents should be able to check their financial status, update their account information, and submit maintenance requests on-line. Every day, a report with the maintenance requests due and the requests that were not handled (overdue) is presented to the maintenance department. The report contains the name of the resident, apartment address, submission date, due date, and a short description of the problem to be handled. Given those facts about the housing department office for N. Mandela Metropolitan University:
    i. A context diagram for the Housing department (5 Marks)
    ii. A Level 0 DFD for the Housing department (12Marks)
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    so, what have you done so far?

    and what was your question?

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