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    Unanswered: Problem while DUPLICATE a database from Windows to AIX ..

    I have database called Portal is located on a Windows server 2003 running DB2 UDB Version 9.7 this database need to be duplicated on AIX® with same version of DB2:

    I apply the following steps:

    first on windows:

    db2move PORTAL export
    db2look -d PORTAL -e -a -o db2look.sql

    Second on AIX:

    db2 create db PORTAL
    db2 -tvf db2look.sql
    db2move PORTAL load

    db2 connect to PORTAL //it's already connected..

    db2 select * from ADMINISTRATOR.tab1 // error when select from all tables
    db2 set integrity for ADMINISTRATOR.tab1 off
    db2 set integrity for ADMINISTRATOR.tab1 immediate checked

    db2 select * from ADMINISTRATOR.tab1 // no more error but no data also !!

    all tables created on administrator schema was free from data ... could any one help me to know why ??

    Thanks in advance.

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    have you verified each step
    db2 create db PORTAL
    db2 -tvf db2look.sql
    db2move PORTAL load
    the load should have generated msg files.. check these
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    both "automatic storage" I presume? Any LOB's involved?

    I am not sure but because the CPU's are not compliant I would prefer to unload to DEL/CSV format and make sure to FTP them in ascii mode.

    Are there FK constraints involved? What I did in a simular situation was:

    split the outputifle of db2look in 2 halves:
    - the upper part contains all the create table & indexes
    - the lower part contains all the FK constraints

    On the new machine:
    1st execute the upper part (create the tablespaces & tables & indexes)
    2nd load the data (db2move portal load in you case)
    3rd check of all the data is present
    4th execute the lower part (create all the FK constraints)

    In my case this approach worked

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