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    Unanswered: Oracle 901 Client to Oracle 7.3.3 Server

    Hi All,

    I am writting an application which requires the connection from Oracle 901 Client on Windows XP to Oracle 7.3.3 Server on the old Windows NT4.

    My question is:
    Does Oracle 901 Client really supports the connection to Oracle 7.3.3 server?

    I found somewhere on net that the Oracle 9.2 does not support that, but Oracle 9.0.1 well, but if someone really knows that, please let me know.

    Thanks many

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    A decade or more in the past I know I could inter-operate between V9.2 & V7.3.4.5
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    Thanks for the info.

    Here also my update for everyone who might also need this connection environment:

    Yes it is perfectly possible to connect from Oracle 901 client on a Windows XP machine to a Oracle 7.3.4 server on for example a Unix machine. The SQLPlus works, and the OCI8 application works too.

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