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    Unanswered: updating new column in sybase

    Hi All,

    I am facing a problem to update the new column in sybase

    My sybase version is 11.0.3
    I have to add a new column in a table having around 90 million records

    Now i have to update this column with a default value of 3
    Now i know there is no way in current sybase version to set a default value with a new column, i have to update the column with the value of 3, but just becuase of large size of table it is taking more than 2 days to update the column.

    i am first capturing the an indexed column of the table in the cursor and
    then updating the new column in the table using this indexed column
    Please can i have any bright ideas how to update the column as quickly.

    Thanks in Advance!!

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    Don't use a cursor.
    update in batches e.g. where key between 1 and 10000000 depending on your log size

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