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    Unanswered: help : add a new record in query based on condition

    i am preparing a calibration database in which i have a list of instruments which are entered once in the table and these instruments will be calibrated every now and them based on the frequency[freq] of calibration which may vary from (1/4months)once in 4 months, once in 6 months (1/6months) and (1/year)once in a year and (1/2years) once in 2 years and (1/3years)once in three years and (1/4years) once in 4 years. and these will be planned in respective months [monthofcal] like (jan,feb,mar,... etc till dec)

    and all the calibrated results will be in a seperate table which will have only a reference number [imtenumber] and this will link both tables

    when we check for calibration certificate of one whole year form jan to dec what happens is all the imtes will be appeared in the report only once. but we would have done calibration two or 3 times for instrument whose frequency (1/4months)once in 4 months, should come every four months in a year and once in 6 months (1/6months) should come twice in a year.

    what i want is in a query based on frequency the month of cal should change and i should have the record 2 or 3 times so that i will be able to see the report

    example :


    if [freq] is 6 then it is two times a year
    so [monthofcal] for in the query i get is as above ( jan,jan) and change should be in [freqmonth]



    so [monthofcal] for in the query i get is as above ( jan,Jan) and change should be in [freqmonth] as ( Jan,Jul)

    i want this result but dont know how to do this just check with my query named [bothjoined] which is a combination of two queries joined together by [freq] so that the records will repeat twice and thrice etc
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