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    Unanswered: Dlookup from a table

    I have a table which I would like one of its field to be displayed in a textbox from a table.
    Ive tired the DLookup and no matter what I just get #Name? in the box, is my syntax wrong ??
    = DLookup("[SUNDAY]", "Totals", "[TYPE]='GENERAL'")
    = DLookup("[Totals]![SUNDAY]", "[Totals]", "[Totals]![TYPE]='GENERAL'")
    I’ve tired the above statements

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    If your table is called "Totals" and you have fields in the table called "SUNDAY" and "Type" then how about


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    assuming that you have a table called 'Totals' and it has a column called 'SUNDAY' and a column called 'TYPE' that should work

    there is no need to include the table name if its coming from one table
    there is no need to include the square brackets if the column and or table name don't include spaces
    the separator between table and column names should be a '.'
    table.columnname not table!columnname

    = DLookup("SUNDAY", "Totals", "TYPE='GENERAL'")

    if you are getting #name that suggests you have mistyped somethign or included a column / table that doesn't exist

    given that you have a table called 'totals', a column called 'sunday' I fervently hope neither exists as at first glance it looks like a table that violates normalisation
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    If the name of the table is Totals, the name of the column from where you want to retrieve the data is SUNDAY and the name of the column that must contain the word GENERAL is TYPE, then the proper syntax is:
    Me.MyTextBox.Value = DLookup("SUNDAY", "Totals", "TYPE = 'GENERAL'")
    Have a nice day!

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    In addition to everything else, you need rename the Field named 'Type' as 'Type' is a Reserved Word in Access and using it as an Object or Field name can cause all kinds of problems!

    'General' is also a Reserved Word, but is being used as a Value here, not as a name, which is, of course, all right!

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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