I am running a LightSwitch (LS) app; 1 table with 1 screen. I run the app and insert a record in my table, which works fine. After I close my app.

Then I attach the LS database to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and insert a record by INSERT command.

After I run my LS app again and the database connection is not working; the LS do not display any data.

LS uses a User Instance to connect to the database (db), and LS can't do ANYTHING if it has an open connection to the db file.

How do I close all connections to my LS db after inserted a record with SSMS?

Is there a command I can run to see open connection and close all connections in SSMS?

I have tried to detach the database with and without drop connections and update statistics; without having success to have my LS app to run.

Thank you,