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    Unanswered: Fatal error: Call to undefined function ODBC_connect()


    I have been looking solutions for error above.
    I have no idea what is the problem and how to solve it.

    Server Info
    Linux Debian
    DB2 Express-C 9


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    Server info is very interesting. The error is coming from the windows-client I presume?
    Did you install the db2-client on the windows machine? If so try:
    catalog tcpip node db2_node remote server 50000 ;
    catalog database sample at node db2_node ;
    catalog system odbc data source sample     ;
    I made the following assumpions:
    - your debian server's TCP/IP number is
    - you are making a connection to the sample database on your debian server
    - the instance managing the sample database is listening to the default port number 50000

    If there is no window client involved you do not need ODBC at all. Then you'll need this: Connecting PHP applications to IBM DB2 Universal Database
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