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    Unanswered: Add comma's on AfterUpdate


    I have 4 textboxes that will contain sq ft values. I want to set so that the user can enter for e.g. 12345, Once the next textbox is selected, I want to automatically change the value to 12,345.

    I've tried the following
    Public Sub CheckArea(Area As Integer)
      If Len(Area) = 7 Then
            Area = Left(Area, 1) & "," & Mid(Area, 4) & "," & Right(Area, 3)
        ElseIf Len(Area) = 6 Then
            new_value = Left(Area, 3) & "," & Right(Area, 3)
        ElseIf Len(Area) = 5 Then
            new_value = Left(Area, 2) & "," & Right(Area, 3)
      End If
    End Sub
    Private Sub txtExistingSpace_AfterUpdate()
            Call CheckArea(frmCityDev.txtExistingSpace.Text)
    End Sub
    But when I test it i get an Overflow error, am i on the right track or is there an easier way.


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    No, you are not on the right track. Use the Format function instead.

    Private Sub txtExistingSpace_AfterUpdate()
    txtExistingSpace = Format$(txtExistingSpace,"#,##0")
    End Sub

    *Or if you are using MS Access forms, you would not need to write a code. Just select the textbox, and in the Property Sheet, select Format and choose the correct formatting from the dropdown list (currency, standard, general number, dates, etc.).

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