Estimated Contract Duration: 7 months
Location: Washington DC

We are currently seeking a Senior GIS Web Developer with 10 years ArcObject and . Net Programming with XML Programming experience. Candidates must have years of experience detailed in required skills and this should show in your resume.

Exp Skill Priority
10 Years ArcObject Programming Required
10 Years .Net Programming Required
5 Years XML Programming Required
5 Years Web Service development Highly desired
1 Years Motorola CSR Integration Highly desired
3 Years Javascript Desired
Experience with XORA WSDLs Desired
Experience with RDBMS such as SQLServer or Oracle

Detailed Description:
DPW SWMA has a desktop GIS-based application to track the status of various types of debris and/or materials requiring removal from District streets/alleys. This application is obsolete and needs to be redeveloped as a web-based GIS application that is integrated with Motorola CSR. It must also have capabilities for accepting data entry through a cell phone application or by uploading data off tablet PCs. There will still need to be a capability for coding data using keyboard and mouse which is the standard data entry function that exists with the current application.
Project Description: An application and database is needed to track street segments blocked due to debris associated either with a disaster such as a storm or an explosion or segments requiring clearance service such as during leaf season or for street and alley cleaning operations. Users will have a variety of ways to enter data indicating status of street blocks including blocked, debris cleared, and debris removed. Hazards such as down wires will be captured in the database as well. The application will be integrated with the Motorola CSR system and will have capabilities for updates through a keyboard and mouse, through a cell phone application, and through upload of data from a tablet PC or laptop. Modules will be created that track leaf collection operations, storm debris removal, and scheduling and cleaning of normal street and alley cleaning operations.

Project Benefits: This project will allow DPW to fulfill its ESF 3 obligations and maintain documentation for FEMA reporting. It will modernize the methods of data entry and will provide reporting and mapping capabilities to facilitate management of debris clearing and removal operations. It will provide a means of tracking regular activities of SACD such as scheduled and unscheduled street and alley cleaning as well as annual leaf collection operations.

The candidate would benefit from familiarity with the District Central GIS database, Master Address Repository (MAR) and its associated web services, as well as DPW business processes, XORA cell phone application development environment, and DPW GIS data layers.

Thanks and Regards
Krishna Veni