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    Unanswered: Implementing Policy based, time based and customer based pricing

    i have trouble implementing policy based, time based and customer based pricing for our SKUs (Stock keeping units). So far i have created following table for time based pricing
    ID Pk  
    SKUID FK_To_Sku  
    I believe this schema can handle time based pricing well (i need community review on it though) but i can not figure out how to handle customer based pricing (if we want to sell few skus to some customers at subsidized rates for some time period) and policy based pricing (where subsidized rates will be applied to skus if sold under some policy for some time period).

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    You need to add a field to link back to the relevant customer, and a field to link back to a policy.

    Then you need to amend your pricing routine to look for one of them first in the pricing table (depending on which takes precedence) and then the other before using the unqualified price that applies for that period.

    Our main SOP system uses advanced pricing, in which we record a price for each valid intersection of customer (group), SKU, date range and type (promotion/normal). When an invoice is generated, the program looks for a promotional price for that customer, SKU and date and applies that. If one is not found, it looks for a normal price and applies that. If neither are found, it raises an error report.
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    What are your policy parameters like? Give a couple of examples, and try to provide at least two examples of each kind of policy. For example which outlet a customer purchases at, how many units/dollars/whatevers they buy in one purchase, etc.

    The big problem that I see is determining which of the three has precedence. If it is always customer based, then policy based, then time based the problem isn't too hard. If there are any exceptions at all, then it gets really difficult and complex to manage.

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