I was hoping someone could help me come up with a structure for a small database i am trying to create. The database will be for a poker league that i run. At the moment the data is recorded in an excell spreadsheet. I have experience of sql queries but have never created the structure before.
The data i want to put in the database is as follows:
Players names.
The date players played (not every player will play on every date).
The amount of money they put in.
The amount of money they won.
If they won the tournament.

I will then want to be able to query the database to display a table of results showing all players total ins and outs, wins, times paid, no of matches etc.
I will also want to be able to choose a date and see who played, won, paid in what etc.
finally i want to be able to look up a player and return a list of dates played and what happened on each date.

I will need to be able to update the database with new dates and player stats etc. The data will be accessed from a website and in an ideal world i won't have to change my queries every time.

I have tried to explain as much of plan as possible in case it helps with the table creation.

Any help would be great.