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    Unanswered: Intelligent network database

    Dear All experts.

    I'm working in Siemens intelligent network platform (SINIX_Reliant UNIX) which consists of SMP machine (service management point) & SCP machine (service control point) , The SMP DB is Informix and for the SCP I found that question on the internet and its related answer :

    Q: What data base version is installed?
    Ans: If the file $SCP_DATA/iam1.r.0 exists a DB2 is installed otherwise a DB1.

    so i found that file (iam1.r.0) but i can't find any DB2 when executing (env|grep -i db) also when executing (db2 connect to .....).

    and i need to access the database to get our customer data.

    any suggestions?

    Thank you

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    run db2ls command, to check whether db2 installed.
    for older versions of db2 you can also check with rpm(linux) or lslpp(AIX) command .

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    if you need to find info about db2 (question is not clear)
    try to find if db2 is installed - check if /var/db2/global.reg exists
    in this file there is an entry pointing to install location
    in this path there is an executable db2ls that returns more info about db2
    db2 connect .. can only be executed in a prepared environment (instance owner .. client..)
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    Thank you amitrai4 and przytula_guy for your fast response.

    I didn't find db2ls or rpm or lslpp commands !!! also cannot find var/db2 path

    I don't know if there is something missing or not installed .

    thank you and happy new year

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