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    Question Mapping business processes for database development

    Hello, I am a student web developer. I am largely comfortable with database design and development, but I struggling with a somewhat peripheral(?) aspect.

    In order to create a database system for a business, how does one analyse the process of the latter, with no prior knowledge thereof.

    I have looked into UML activity diagrams and IDEF0/IDEF3 for process mapping, but I am curious how it is done in the 'real world'. I have a relatively short report to write on the matter and I am worried that I am going in 'too deep'.

    Any advice/direction would be appreciated.

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    UML can be a great tool especially in large / huge projects and teams. as a diagramming tool its also great for going back to the customer and ensuring that what you are documenting is what they actually do

    however its a way of documenting rather than gathering information. having established the basecamp you can then use UML to develop the design and model of the system

    there is no better way than asking questions, understanding the business. talk to the principles, talk to the those who actually do to make certain that what is proposed meets what is truly required rather than what someone thinks is required. ask questions get to grips with whats done AND why. get to grips with where the business wants to go so your process meets the future needs of the business.

    to often the perception of the head honcho is at variance with what actually goes on in that function

    its amazing how often a business requirement comes in with a seemingly odd element, when pressed the requirement is often 'because we are used to doing it that way', or 'thats how our last system worked rather than we actually need to do that'
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    I absolutely agree with you, but this is where I am confused.

    I have been given an assignment which asks me to create maps of the processes of a business, with a rather shallow case study. I don't have any workers to consult, which would be the first thing I would do in the 'real-world'.
    I have also just been told to 'create process maps', without any guidance on which modelling language to use (I didn't even know they existed until I did research into process mapping).

    Really I suppose I'm asking:
    • Which modelling languages do people actually employ in order to analyse the processes of a business?
    • (And) How do I analyse a business that I have no experience or contact with?

    You don't have to answer the second question, I'll just make something up with what I have. I am interested in what people reveal for the first one though!

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