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    I have a report that I've been running for years to pull revenues by county. We've started loading new physicians with their 9 digit zip codes. When I run my reports now those with the 9 digit are not pulling county information. So I wrote a formula to (select left 5) of the physician zip table. This worked fine and pulled the 5 digit zip, however when I tried pulling the county information from another table the only ones that pulled were those that were 5 digits to begin with, even though the new data set from the formula I built is all 5 digit codes.

    I'm stumped on what else to do

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    With no actual report to review the issue, I would have at this time to look at the data type of the 5 and 9 digit zip, test for the length of the variables etc to ensure it allows you to pull the records by evaluating 5 digit zip codes.

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