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    Question Unanswered: Please help with data sorting

    I have three columns that I would like to sort.

    Column A contains sample ID
    Column B has type of test (3 types of tests total)
    Column C has the test results

    I would like to see the test results side by side by the type of tests.

    So I would need column a with sample ID, a column with results of test A, colulmn with results of test B, and a column with results of test C.

    Can anyone help on how i can do this? I have thousands of data to go through =(

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    I have attached a spreadsheet with your basic idea and have used a combination of INDEX and MATCH functions to provide one solution to your problem. You need to make sure that if you make any changes to the array formula, i.e. adapt it to suit your spreadsheet, that on entering the array formula you hit CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER rather than simply ENTER otherwise you will not get the values you want.

    Hope this helps,
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